Anton Tomlinson

Anton Tomlinson, worked as a Systems Analyst for over 34 years at several Wall Street
Firms. These include such titans as Salomon Brothers Inc., now SalomonSmithBarney,
Weeden and Company and Andersen Consulting, now Accenture.

Anton, is currently the Executive Director of the NAACP’s, New York City, ACT-SO;
Academic, Cultural, Technological, Scientific Olympics. He also served in the capacity
of chairman and was instrumental in the chapter’s establishment in 1987.

ACT-SO, is an enrichment program created for black and latino high school students by
famed journalist and historian, Vernon Jarrett in 1975.

Students are motivated to excel and compete in the Sciences, Arts, and Humanities.
ACT-SO’s primary goal is to instill in all black and latino youths the desire for high
scholastic and cultural achievement. Parents, teachers and adults from churches,
businesses, professional and community organizations are mobilized to mentor, support
and encourage our youth.

Anton was the co-founder and president for six years, of the Manning’s School Past
Students Association, New York Chapter. The Association provides support to his
Alma Mater in Jamaica, West Indies.

Mr. Tomlinson is also the co-founder and served as president of the Union Of Jamaican
Alumni Associations USA, (UJAA) from 1997 – 2000. He is currently occupies the
position of Vice President. This not-for-profit organization is an umbrella entity which
is the home for over 40 autonomous alumni associations representing educational
institutions in Jamaica.

Anton has received several awards for his commitment, dedication and hard work on
behalf of young people over the years. In 1994 he received the prestigious Martin
Luther King Junior, “ Measure Of A Man” award from the State of New York
NAACP. His other awards include: – Father of Year Award from Friends of Maxfield
Park Children’s Home; Community Service Awards from Wolmer’s, Calabar, St.
Andrew, Immaculate and MICO Alumni Associations; and the Consul General of
Jamaica Award for Humanitarian and Community Service.