KiDz HuB Media in collaboration with KidStar Radio Networks have teamed up with Team Jamaica Bickle to prepare ‘Kidz broadcasters’ for the Caribbean launch of their successful, 25 year-old youth-broadcasting program.

Training is already underway for five (5) Junior Broadcasters from Jamaica, under the KiDz HuB/KidStar Project, to broadcast from the 118th Penn Relays at Franklin Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. These young journalists will be getting their ‘feet wet’ at the annual High School Boys and Girls Championships, in Jamaica, March 29-31, 2012, as they prepare for their big assignment.

KiDz HuB Media has established a radio station and club at the Allman Town Primary School as part of their pilot program. The program currently includes, Campion College and Hagley Gap Elementary School.

“We are in dialogue with other principals and school boards across the region, to see if they have the facility to accommodate the program, or whether their students, could also benefit from this program,” said Orlando Dillon, founder.

One of the kids tapped to be part of this team is Nashesha Lewis, whose video giving directions to her house recently went viral. Mentors are Donald Oliver-Sportscaster and Producer at C.V.M.

Television and Arnold Kelly, veteran broadcaster at (NCU), Northern Central University. Additionally, KIDZ HuB has committed to providing training for athletes and will work with TJB and the selected schools to implement the program.

Irwine Clare, Sr., TJB’s founder and CEO said, “It’s not just about preparing our athletes for a track meet or a race, it’s about preparing them for life. We hope this added exposure will help the athletes in their preparation for interviews and build self-confidence.”

The junior broadcasters will have access to the athletes at the relays as well as at the team hotel, where a media room will be set up.
The collaboration is part of TJB’s larger mission, to support enrichment programs that provide several pathways for excellence and personal development for the nation’s youths.The program has the blessings of Minister of Education Ronnie Thwaites.

KiDz HuB Media has 28 stations in operation United States with a wait- list of over 1,500 school and clubs across the country and worldwide. Stations are located in Anchorage Alaska, Brighton Michigan,Palm Coast, Lantana Florida , in Peach Springs, Arizona on the Hualapai Indian Reservation.